What?    Ruby on Rails training course.

Where?  BSU FAMCS, 4 Nezavisimosti Ave., 5th floor, 522 classroom.

When?   Course starts March 21 at 6 pm.



What will I learn?

Ruby, Rails, MVC, Git, DB management, testing…

Need outline? Open source course!

What will I receive?

Really huge amount of modern technologies and practices, connections with other students and own project.

Who should attend?

Everybody with passion to web and modern technologies.

How much does it cost?

It’s absolutely free!

What should I bring?

Laptop and passion. And maybe some passionate friends :)

Who teaches the course?

Sergey Alekseev

I’m 21.

Ruby on Rails

In the past: worked with americans as back-end Ruby/Rails developer.
Currently: startup founder –
Have passion to Ruby/Rails and online-education.
BSU FAMCS 4th year student


Tuesday and Thursday – from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Duration: 6 weeks.

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