У Кастрычніку 2012 зьявілася ідэя замуціць нешта накшталт цэнтра дапамогі студэнту ва ўнівэрсытэце. Замуцілі.

Прычаталі курс пілотнай групе. Усе атрымалася.

Больш за ўсё мы канешне ганарымся тым, што мы ёсьць першыя ў Сусьвеце курсы па праграмаваньню на беларускай мове. Таму нам вельмі падабаецца тое што мы робім.

Выходзьце на сувязь!

What is course.by?

Course.by is open non-commercial educational project which is aimed to help to spread the possibilities of cutting-edge technologies among Belarusians. It means that we are a courses platform, so anyone can come and learn and anyone can come and teach. So, if you think you have something to tell then join us!

We teach anyone who wants to learn.

Course.by has been founded by two CSN graduates: Philip Daineka and Raman Andryianau in October 2012. Since then about 400 students has finished their studies in many areas.

One of the unique features about course.by is that all classes are held in Belarusian, which is very uncommon (yes, it is :) for Belarus.

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